A star standing in the building

The wind deflector used in the construction airport is used on the sign shape, so that the sign can be used to sense the passage of time.

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The project site is located in Cui Zhuang Business District, covering an area of 15725. 9 square meters, with a planned construction area of 51895.47 square meters and a floor area ratio of 3.3. The planned use is commercial office land. With the construction of the comprehensive transportation hub of Cui Zhuang and the continuous development of the Cui Zhuang business district, the Cezhuang area will gradually become a well-known “sub-center” of the city.

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The plot is located in Cui Zhuang Business District, south to Xiuwen Road, west to Yuanxiu Road, east to Qicui Road, the plot is 3. 5 kilometers away from Qibao Commercial Circle and Cezhuang Commercial Circle, and 1 km from Xujiahui. Kilometers, only 8 kilometers from the core area of Hongqiao Business District. Cui Zhuang 18A-OlA-1B plot, near the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, about 80 meters away from the No. 12 line Qicui Road Station, convenient transportation is located in the core area of the Cezhuang plate, the population is relatively dense, and the geographical position is relatively superior.

The combination of the building elements is like a square box, but it is also full of design. The highlight of the sign design combined project is different from other projects: the use of new materials to interpret the "light" and the passage of time. The early element extraction includes the reflective material—glass, the lines on the visual level, and the lines formed by the light passing through the object. The abstract concept presents a concrete form, which makes people feel the existence of light, including some. The mirror material, in the end we chose the material commonly used in the building curtain wall - the wind moving board, cleverly combines the graphic symbol with the wind dynamic version, adding fun to the original serious office environment. The sign is like a star, standing in the building.

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The windshield of the mirror material shimmers in the natural environment, reflecting the light of nature, making the sign more existable. We want the sign to exist in a state of perceived environment, fully integrated into the environment under the breeze of the breeze, but also play its own function. Perceive time with the “movement” of the wind moving plate. The passage of time does not necessarily require the ticking of the clock, perhaps through the sound of water, perhaps through the change of light, perhaps the breeze, let the sign pass “moving” Perceive the passage of time.

The interior is combined with the overall color of the interior, and the pneumatic version is embellished with visual elements. In more places, we use the form of three-dimensional characters. The exquisite three-dimensional characters are simple and elegant, which enhances the exquisiteness of the entire office environment.

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