Natural language rediscovers nature

Let everything into nature

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After the abundance of material

People are looking for peace of mind

And the sense of peace that permeates nature

Always bring people the richness of the spiritual world

Let everything into nature

Awaken people to resume the exploration of the spiritual world

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Time seems to slow down here

Every moment becomes an eternity

Let the age into nature to discover the luxurious secret of the heart

It is a symbol of the perfect integration of city and nature

Let the city blend into nature

Temper the balance between nature and prosperity

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Adopt the combination of eastern charm and Western form

Both modern and classical, the architecture is integrated into nature

Wait for the purity of mind to return

It is an attitude towards life

It integrates the urban architecture of The Times with the nature of the human mind

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Signage plays an important role in MAIN project

As a graceful storyteller

Signs not only convey the history and culture of the place

It also responds to the architectural and interior design

Through the abstraction of the elements in the LOGO

The logo is displayed in detail with the brand landscape

And the high consistency of the interior pattern

This design approach not only gives coherence to the whole project

It also makes each space become an organic whole

Let everything into nature

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It also provides a destination for the soul and the realization of the ideal

The logo design is like the soul of the project

Affecting people in a profound way

The perception and experience of this space

Everyone here

Can find inner peace

Harmony with the outside

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Who is leaning on Tsing Yi Lane

Wait till I get home

Every moment is an eternity

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建筑设计:UDG 联创设计集团




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