Over the sky, clouds sometimes gather, sometimes spread out

Look at a cloud of light and roll, so that the eyes are empty.

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THE LANDSCAPE, by CIFI, Huayu, OCT, and CIFI Jiangshan's strategic flagship new book, gathers the experience of nine rivers and mountains in the world to create a modern riverview market, with the quality of precision, building a large level of clouds, iterating Chongqing Jiangshan life realm. The project base is located in Yubei District of Chongqing City. It is located at the commanding height of Yuelai Eco-city. It is located in the only ecological wisdom integration area in the country. It has completed six major super parks such as Chongqing Central Park, Garden Expo Park and Happy Valley, and Binjiang Greenland Park. Theme parks, talents play a picture of Jiangshan life. The project also has “three vertical, four horizontal and three light rail three-dimensional traffic”, and enjoys nearly 800,000 square meters of commercial facilities, and aggregates mountain water resources, all-round commercial and hardcover quality, etc. to meet the high-end living needs of the whole city.

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The landscape design starts with the four directions of Jiangwan, Yaqiao, Wuyong and Yunju, reflecting the feeling of “sitting on the clouds and fog, and embracing the river and moon”. On the basis of combining the landscape, the interior design quotes and extends the curved wall and moving line of the building itself to guide the fluidity of the space, not only to maintain the permeability of the building, but also to ensure the design and functional performance of the interior space to continue the future. Space use.

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The sign is inspired by the concept of the project's landscape and the arc of the building. The theme of the four parts of Jiangwan, Cliff, Mist and Cloud is integrated into the design of the sign, from the "curve design", The “simplified form performance” and the “avant-garde visual experience” are expressed in three levels, creating a simple and feminine sign system, allowing the experiencer to “see” the future in the context of boundless clouds.

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Arc: In the form of beauty, it has inspired people's aesthetics, and it has also prompted people to reconstruct aesthetic mental schemas on one side. The geometric lines that people can use are arcs, which are magically transformed into various interesting and vivid objects in front of them. Minimalist: Simplicity is not simple. Conciseness is the essence of continuous combination and selection of good quality. It is a generalized expression of the form of objects, and is concise into a highly concentrated, highly generalized abstract form. The future: unique, high-tech design techniques, with a streamlined design sense, give a visual impact experience.

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The humiliation is not shocked, and the flowers are blooming before the court; the unintentional stay is unintentional, and the clouds are everywhere. The idlers are silent, listening to the sound of birds and melodious words, not knowing the roots of the ear.

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