Gathering in the city, blending with history

Dream center, dream in the heart

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“Shanghai Dream Center” has a total planned floor area of 460,000 square meters, including 130,000 square meters of creative and Grade A office buildings, 38,000 square meters of Creative Arts District, 140,000 square meters of catering and retail areas, and 152,000 square meters of parking lots and other areas. Shanghai Dream Center is an extraordinary development project in China and around the world. The project is located in the key riverside area of Longhua District, where it witnessed the glorious era of modern Chinese industry. In the process of designing this new art and culture project, the Bo Xi sign reminds itself from time to time that these important historical architectural elements must be taken into consideration, giving them a modern urban form, ensuring that this area will continue in the future.

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As a shining new landmark of Shanghai's cultural business, Shanghai Dream Center is located on the Huangpu River in Xuhui District and is a core part of the “West Bank Media Port”. The project will fully highlight the “cultural soft power”, break through the traditional business model, integrate the global fine culture and entertainment content, explore the innovative interactive experience brought to consumers in the rapid development of science and technology, cultivate local creative culture content and combine fashion shopping and leisure, dining elements. Leading the trend of business development and innovation, bringing consumers a unique one-stop cultural entertainment experience, and is committed to creating Shanghai's unique urban cultural landmark, becoming China's Broadway.

The project design is inspired by the adventure of a drop of water, connecting the entire sign guiding system: dripping water to find dreams, bringing together ideas and ideas, breaking through the self to find dreams; the dream process, the form is more natural and full of imagination, It is both an infinite possibility and a manifestation of integration; dripping water gathers into a river, and the rhythm is stronger, not only broadens the horizon, but also reflects the diversity of collections; the convergence of the sea is infinitely extended, the ideas and ideas become unified, and the ultimate dream is realized.

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Business District: Rigorous → Low-key.

Creative Area: Expansion → Innovation.

Entertainment IMAX: Rhythm → Diversity.

Business environment: Comprehensive → Convergence.

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