The spirit outside the door is passed on inside the door

Pay tribute to this era with the unique language of the sign

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Time passes and time changes


A witness to an era

The bearer of a culture

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It's not just a symbol of Shanghai

It is an eternal poem

Telling the story of the city

Singing the movement of Shanghai culture

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Under the sloping roof of the red wall of the 17th street

One hundred years of Shikumen lane

Blending foreign and internal cultures

"Shanghai Ballad" in my ears.

It's like a time machine

Let people travel back in an instant

The glamorous modern era

Full of elegant Shanghai style style

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Honganli is located in Hongkou District of Shanghai

It is the oldest Shikumen district in Shanghai

Landscape design creates one

A collection garden full of centuries of history

Make a garden

Hide for a while

Taste a culture

To a modern party that transcends time and space

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The interior design will feature Shikumen

And Shanghai culture into it

Show the charm of the Orient slowly with the attitude of the world

Colliding with the new thought of combining East and West

Become the "famous Lun" of the global city image

The glory of an era

In the halo of the lane

Meet the past, present and future

In this century-old neighborhood of light and shadow

We have a colorful history

Bump into each other at the corner

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Identification extraction "color glass"

This is the most representative of Shanghai design elements

The details are combined with a special "enamel" process

Extraction of "Shape features" of Shikumen

Combined with the bronze material with a sense of quality and age "convey its meaning"

So that the sign can be inseparable

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We use the unique language of the sign

Salute this blooming age

Colorful glass behind the window mullion

Are the pearls that dot the river of time

Reflecting the light of history

Every beam of sunlight through the glass

They're all like emissaries traveling through time

Will be a meaningful story

Spread out gently on the land

It's like a gorgeous dance of light and shadow

项目位置: 上海-虹口区

项目业主: 招商&绿城&上海地产

空间标识: 柏熙标识


建筑设计: 大象设计 goa

景观设计: GTS 蓝颂

室内设计: CCD、无间设计

摄影: 无有建筑景观摄影

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