New landmarks in the city over the city of Yucheng

Formally breaking through the convention, realizing the spatial effect of the rotating up space, adding a touch of agility in a rigorous atmosphere.

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The project is the A2-22 land parcel project in the eastern part of Ningbo. The 16-meter-wide planned road on the west side of the project is a central green space, the east side is a 16-meter-wide planned road, the south is a 20-meter-wide planned road, and the north side is a 20-meter-wide open space. The nature of use is an office commercial complex. The planned total land area is 11,249 square meters, with a total construction area of 147,153 square meters, of which the basement construction area is 39,366 square meters, and the above-ground construction area is 107,787 square meters. A new super high-rise commercial office building is built, and the height from the outdoor floor to the roof structure is 236.70. The height of the outdoor floor to roof is 246.45 meters. The number of tower floors is 49 floors. The 4th floor annex building is bank office and 3 floors underground. It is mainly used as parking garage and equipment room. The underground 1st floor channel is connected with the central green space basement public parking garage.

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In order to create a landmark building and let BOC Tower stand out in the surrounding buildings, SOM has provided a new idea: to build BANK OF CHINA TOWER with a twisted and rounded appearance, making it stand out from the surrounding buildings. SOM designs the tower as a rounded triangle and twists and turns in the longitudinal direction, blending in with the three surrounding elements of the city, the mountains and the sea. As the tower is reversed, the view from the office space changes, revealing a full range of spectacular views. The tower is covered by an all-glass façade, allowing people to enjoy the towering, sunny day and unobstructed city views.

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Ningbo BANK OF CHINA TOWER Project is a city landmark in Ningbo. The sign we hope to present should meet two basic demands. First, the choice of materials and colors must reflect the exquisite quality and high-end positioning. Second, the design should be able to echo the design features of the environment.

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Along this way, we made a bold attempt to break through the conventions in the form of signs, realizing the three-dimensional effect of the rotating up space, adding a touch of agility in a rigorous atmosphere. The design style of the indoor sign is the same, and many optimizations and changes have been made. Combined with the needs of the place, the design style is unified and not monotonous.

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