A vast art space beneath the dome

See the world above the clouds

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A resplendent tall building stands at the top of the cliff

Against the backdrop of soaring modern buildings

The blue and black canopy adds a mystical and fantastical atmosphere to the whole scene

Like the Yuya in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away

With an intoxicating aura of romance

Chongqing is a mountain city with rugged terrain

The building must be built on the mountain

This is a traditional residence unique to the city

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ETERNAL LAND is located at the core of Chongqing Guanyinqiao CBD

It contains the love of Sichuan-Chongqing people for mountain cities

She's an important IP at the city level

Tradition and the present under the dome

Dialogue between humanity and nature

The mountain, cliff and other elements of the project integrate the space

Form the image of natural combination, equivalence and integration with the mountain cliff

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Cloud is the core of ETERNAL LAND

She's not just space in the physical sense

It is a work of art

A dramatic and conflicting architectural form

Clean and modern honeycomb aluminum plate

A sheer natural cliff face

The formation of a strong visual conflict

Achieve optimal spatial interaction

She's like an ark on top of a dome

Falling out of the sky and embedded in the cliffs

Take the audience on a walk through the jagged mountains

"Very narrow in the beginning, only universal. I walked dozens of steps again, and suddenly I was enlightened."

This is the true portrayal of Chongqing mountain city

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In the design process

Signage allows architecture to speak to nature

In the form of a dome, it condenses the upward vitality

Trying to make space into another extension of nature

Integrate into the cultural characteristics of the mountain city region of the project

Mountains and fog interlace the mountains

Make the logo come with advanced color

Cool and chic

Realize the integration of the whole project and the natural mountain without boundaries

Let the ETERNAL LAND become a daily public space for residents

Interpreting the lifestyle in an urban environment

Bustling outward and quiet inward

Between the bustling and the quiet

Create a participatory atmosphere

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The ETERNAL LAND after completion

Will be with Guanyinqiao area, people, urban culture

Extend and grow together

This is a perfect dialogue between logo and space

Reminiscent of this land

Thousands of years of change

Logo design must contain

The mountain city of the core of space to guide the situation

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未命名 -2_P_19.JPG

Disassemble, extract, and reconstruct

To a certain extent

Signs can guide people's way of life

Rhythm and white space in information layout

It is a detailed expression of the project

Find a sense of belonging in a noisy world

Make coming home a treat

To pursue that beautiful heart

A view of the world from the top of the dome

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景观设计:JTL Studio Pte. Ltd, 重庆







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