Chengdu VANKE Meizhou New Town

Surrounded by lanterns, signs lying in the shadow of the bamboos.

The light in the forest gap leaks the sunlight, and the depth of white clouds is my hometown.

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In the first impression.

Western Sichuan is a mysterious and simple Tibetan, Qiang and Yi style.

Vanke Huadeng collection project in Meizhou Cultural Village.

Changed the public's inherent impression of Western Sichuan.

Although Vanke Huadeng collection is located in Chengdu.

But it is different from the local atmosphere in Chengdu.

Don't be introverted and deep.

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New arrival in Meizhou.

It is attracted by its strong cultural atmosphere.

Vanke Huadeng collection is located in Mr. Dongpo's hometown.

She was hidden in layers of bamboo shadow.

The small bridge at the entrance flows along the winding path.

It reveals the feelings of "literati and refined guests".

People can't help looking forward to it.

An encounter with Mr. Dongpo.

Tall and elegant, straight from the middle to the outside.

Bamboo is the humble character of people.

It is often used to describe a noble gentleman.

"Bamboo" element in landscape.

Let the guide design have a deeper meaning.

Vanke Huadeng sets itself as "having a plan in mind".

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Western Sichuan style architecture.

It must be simple and hierarchical.

Slope top vertical grid.

Layers are reflected in the water.

Cultural conciseness.

Logo guide of Vanke Huadeng collection

It should also present the visual effects of homology and different appearance

Elements with "roof cascade".

Extended to guide design.

And the geometric elements are advanced layer by layer.

Interpret the concept of "bamboo climbing".

Integrate the logo guide into the environment.

At the same time, it is innovative.

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Some difficulties have also been encountered in the design.

How to highlight the geometric triangle section on the logo.

To solve this difficulty.

We tried on the logo main panel.

A fold is used to fit the geometric shape.

Enrich the sense of hierarchy of guidance.

Extremely clean and simple at the same time.

Give the imagination of leaving the logo blank.

It also makes western Sichuan culture in the Huadeng collection.

Has a unique interpretation.

It should be with Su Shi's song.

"The light in the forest gap leaks sunlight, and my hometown is deep in white clouds".

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