The song of birds and the fragrance of flowers in the sunshine box

The sunshine box at Disney theme park

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Shanghai SHENDI CENTER is located in the south gate of the core area of the Disney resort. It is a landmark building in the south business district for entering and exiting the theme park.

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The whole project adopts the full day lighting design concept of "sunshine treasure box", and the building layout is square and dignified. The valley is facing the resort, like the whole sunshine to the park. On the other hand, it shows the respect of space for nature.

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In the signage design of the project, we extract the elements "broken lines" that appear many times in the building and environment to echo the overall design style of the project. The dynamic fold line extends the sign from a single plane to a fold from different angles, which not only distinguishes it from the architectural design, but also sublimates the original design style.

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The polyline in different directions on the sign is an interesting combination of the polylines generated by the space crisscross of front and back and left and right. Taking a single broken line as a unit, each unit can rotate at different angles to get different dimensional folded surfaces. The angle between the fold and the fold brings a sense of hierarchy to the sign in space, which improves the identification degree of sign information and makes the audience have a jumping sensory experience in vision.

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In the design process, considering the final landing effect and later maintenance, we have recommended the use of weather resistant steel material, which has strong cultural properties and dual characteristics of weather resistance. However, after several rounds of communication with the owner, it is found that the unique texture of weathering steel has a strong sense of age, which is contrary to the spirit of the project itself. On the contrary, the simple steel plate baking paint material can better reflect the young and interesting park spirit of the project itself.

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Sign guide system is not an independent existence. It needs to have dialogue and communication with the surrounding environment to be more appropriately integrated into the environment, which is exactly what sign designers need to constantly consider in the design process.


项目业主: 上海申迪(集团)有限公司

建筑设计:株式会社日本设计/ 同济大学建筑设计研究院有限公司

标识设计: 柏熙 --- 刘广梅,朱胡兵

标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增洁