One wood a day, only Xianlin is unstoppable

It conveys the natural soft visual experience and gives the building space an original, pure and clean natural world.

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The protect is located in Xianlin Plate, Qixia District. It was a total construction area of 77733 and a total area of 11313. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. It is currently the only commercial complex in Xianlin. The format covers high-end cinemas, boutique supermarkets, specialty restaurants, fashion retail, leisure and entertainment, living facilities, boutique apartments, etc. , happiness, health, style, the main purpose of the full-scale experiential life center, and strive to create a diversified experience-style integrated shopping mall.

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Full of unique things. A lifestyle proposal that offers a taste of life with a unique personality and sensibility. Just like walking around an art gallery, in a relaxed and peaceful environment, where you can meet new discoveries and touches, each store is like a piece of art, which can stimulate and influence people's different sensations and give people more A rich sensory experience.

With their own values and sensibility, they refine the things that are filled with the whole market, thus refining people with individual lifestyles and those who are about to build their own lifestyles. Through the spatial interpretation of Modern & Natural, Cool & Warm, these people are attracted to the “box” to provide them with a quality shopping time. We propose the idea: In the Xianlin University City area, new landmarks have never been created.

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The two keywords “Nature” and “Culture” are extracted from the regional concept of Xianlin University City. In the design process, with the growth of “one tree” as the design concept, the information extended from each signboard becomes the basic point of the entire business environment. Inspired by the growth of a tree, the tree roots, tree shrews and leaves are simplified and evolved into a relationship between body and plane, conveying a natural and soft visual experience. Auxiliary graphics follow the design elements in the SIGN, and have been simplified, echoing the environment, natural and modern.

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The geometric form of the cutting process is curved by the tree growth state, which makes people feel the rotation in different visual directions, making the sign of the entire Nine Dreams more family-like. The combination of wooden materials and modern white metal gives the building space an original, pure and clean natural world.

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