To solve the mountain stone meaning to see Kunlun

Wish to find a quiet and calm in the busy life

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The ancient city of Xuzhou

Hidden in the mountains and rivers

The Yellow River is like a belt

Guard the mountains and stones in endless frontiers

There is a saying in the book "High in the Forest and Spring"

Surrounded by mountains and rivers and clouds

What is possible is not as good as what is liveable

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It is for us to walk the mountains and see the water

More than fun

Carefree and unrestrained Oriental connotation

From the constant search within

The mighty and graceful of the rocks

Is the most sincere call

The soul eaten away by the hustle and bustle

To get back to basics again

To see heaven and earth is to see my life

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Into the realm of Kun-Wu

Touch the flow of life and change

He was immediately seized by the pure truth

Everything in between

All in their own way, the simplest way

First sight

The name of the case looms over the thick brass door

Cleverly blending visual symbols with case names

Moderate in nature and restrained in nature

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Multiple lines several steps deeper

Dark stone with random metal

Elegant typesetting interprets the Oriental elegance

Occasionally it is dotted with jade

With warm and moist bearing free and free fonts

Whether wild or quiet

It's all natural

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Walk over the debris pool and enter the room

Dots of lights just a handful of warm

At this moment

Freedom laid

The dark metal continues from the outside

Regardless text icon

All see subtle and delicate convex changes

A little interest in this world

Pick up the fun of life inadvertently

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Between pitches

The veins of Kunwu are blue and quiet

The flow of the sun and the moon continues

Time takes its natural course

The birth of all things

May in the busy life

Find peace and quiet


Swim in heaven and earth and melt into everything

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项目位置: 江苏-徐州

项目名称: 万科·昆吾

项目业主: 徐州万科

标识设计: 柏熙标识

标识团队: 张燕琴,康逸馨,刘鉴,朱明杰,任诚,陈杨洋,王辰橹,王秋燕,马鑫豪

室内设计: 李玮珉建筑师事务所&WSD

建筑设计: 上海日清建筑设计有限公司

景观设计: 种地设计

景观施工: 易之园林

标识摄影: 无有建筑景观摄影

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