Freedom is where the mountain is

THE VILLAS is in peace

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Mountains are regarded as the source of all things

Mountains give birth to everything

Sunshine and fresh oxygen landscape

These are nature's favorites

But also in urban life

The preference of the majority

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When the northern song dynasty writer Su Shiren xuzhou magistrate

Visiting friends at Yunlongshan

Wrote the Story of the Crane Pavilion

At the turn of spring and summer

Autumn and winter snow moon thousands of miles of color

The wind and rain between the pitch varying

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Xuzhou since ancient times

It is easy to have pillow water and sit on the mountain

The mountains and mountains of Pengcheng are all in harmony

Hidden as a big ring

It has long lived in the mountains

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A thousand years later

Read the prosperous city of us

Want to do the mountain confidant

Through the flood of people

Listen to the wind

I have seen the blank space in Xuzhou

In order to taste my life

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A pure and common opinion

An extreme and sumptuous customization

The same is true of signs in THE VILLAS

Use nature as a design language

Put the mountain into every space

Return the mountain ideal to the sensory experience

Is the landscape node

It is also a space decoration

Step by step

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In my way

Made of brass old matching mountain dwelling nature

Exploring the true secrets of mountain life

Rediscover and perceive the world

Have you and I ever seen the wind

But look at the leaves dancing branches

We know the wind has passed through the hall

Everything hangs on its head

项目位置: 徐州五山公园

项目业主: 徐州万科

空间标识: 柏熙标识--张燕琴,朱明杰,康逸馨,刘鉴

建筑设计: 正象建筑

景观设计: 承迹景观

室内设计: 明德设计,璞辉空间设计

景观施工: 易之园林

景观软装: 明德设计

项目摄影: 无有建筑景观摄影

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