Fireworks bustling alley hidden world garden

Is the depiction of fireworks gas, is the vision and pursuit of the future

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Jin Li wide narrow lane Taikoo Li

These names are like a picture

Depicting the fireworks fumes of Chengdu

They are the courtyard life of Chengdu people

It's their yearning for the fireworks of life

In this city

Every corner is filled with the smell of fireworks

SHANG YUAN chooses the lane court with the most local flavor as the carrier

The modern interpretation of Chengdu culture

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Borrow the ecological advantage of Sansheng flower Township

The sign creates a natural place

Half prosperous and half garden

To drag the inhabitants back to the life of the alley

Experience a downtown retreat

Feel the relaxation in the park

It is the unique understanding and pursuit of life of SHANG YUAN

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The landscape is inspired by the natural scenery of Bashu

Extracted landscape painting master Huang Binhong

The landscape elements in the Journey of Ba Shu in Memory

Will be happy Bashu natural genes

Combined with exquisite art of Shu rhyme life

The twelve new Bashu Courts were formed

The whole site is therefore divided into

Display area high-rise area overlapping area three areas

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The exhibition area serves as the main entrance to the entire project

Full of homecoming etiquette

The high-rise area is centered on the super-scale garden

Create an introverted garden space

The overlapping area is dominated by linear homing roadway

An exclusive leisure garden is set around an open lawn

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The sign follows the design language of the architectural hardcover landscape

The light bucket symbol is simplified

Form a flat inverted triangle

Cleverly integrated with the logo

Protruding light and shadow and broken lines

Each has its own unique landscape

Every place has a different feeling

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At the same time, the LOGO will also be the alley totem logo and light bucket

Through the whole guide system to form a family visual experience

In the font structure

Fine 3D characters and mitre characters

Not only has modern beauty

It also highlights the quality of the project from the side

From the outdoor to the indoor can not be reflected

The ideal state of life pursued by Jinjiang College

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The pursuit and realization of life ideals

It is the confidence of Chengdu people in their culture

And respect for human values

Everyone here

Can find their own way of life

Experience different life scenarios and emotional expression

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This is a city full of charm

And the Jinjiang Upper House is a depiction of the city's smoke and fury

It is the vision and pursuit of the future