Natural sign design

Time flies, can't take away the memories engraved in the bottom of my heart

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Bustling crowd

I always make people forget who I am

Put aside distractions

Always appear in my heart

A peaceful place

Is the first memory in memory

It's also where home starts

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The project is located at the foot of Pengzu Mountain. Its unique charm lies in the rare original ecological landscape, stunning natural amorous feelings, the long history of the thousand-year-old water town, and the folklore passed down by word of mouth. Jiangkou Water Town, half of the landscape and half of the city, inherits the natural simplicity of a traditional town in Western Sichuan, where you can see flat boats, small bridges, and piers. The plants on the shore are lush and green. The picture scroll of "Jingmei" water town also reproduces the feelings of a thousand-year-old water town.

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A picture through color

Outline a pleasant landscape

Full of green trees Hongying

It's the spirit that represents spring


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In the process of creating the sign guide, we imagined: walking along the water street covered with bluestone slabs, along the lakeside, looking up at the sloping roof reflected in the air, and hand-held wooden beams soaked in time imprints. However, when we were truly in the water town of stone, wood, tile, and gray, the creativity of the previous night was rejected by ourselves. We want the guide to appear spontaneously and casually, but with the soul of Western Sichuan, the simplicity of Western Sichuan, and the appearance in the memory of the locals. In order to return the sign to the simple memories of the traditional ancient towns in Western Sichuan, we deliberately incorporated the complete and primitive elements of stone and wood into the site, and combined the guide with the local culture through the natural texture.

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It's here

Savor the world with three or five friends

Gay confidant game life

Listen to the stream

Smell the Sizhu Orchestra

Stories of Encounter Time

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The overall shape of the sign continues the architectural features of the sloped roof in western Sichuan, which is refined and redesigned. We collide and combine the four elements of stone, wood, tile, and gray with the sign guide. The log-shaped three-dimensional roof is matched with the hand-chiseled stone with local characteristics, so that the sign with Western Sichuan style can be better integrated into the building and In the landscape. Excellent sign design is not only a respect for the original site, but also the use of materials for secondary creation to restore the true nature of things. The presentation of the guide is not abrupt, not deliberately, let time pass by, and will not take away the memories engraved in the bottom of my heart.

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标识设计:柏煕标识 --- 刘广梅,宋丽丽,宋攀攀,刘娇丽,张云磊



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