Ride in light and walk in light

Represents a brave soul pursuing a dream

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The clear lake is still

Carrying the cycle of years

Every ray of sunshine

Both represent a brave soul pursuing his dream

And their refraction on the lake

It is every challenge and growth

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At times

These rays collide with each other

Dancing with the ripples of the lake

The result is a gorgeous rainbow

The Rainbow

Not just the pride of LUXELAKES

It is the hope in the heart of every fighter

It represents Wanhua staff efforts

Close to light following light becomes light emitting light

The growth process of

Bearing Wanhua by light and into

Work philosophy of Mu Guang

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An office space is more than just a workplace

It is also an organizational ecosystem of an enterprise

Wanhua Headquarters office building located in LUXELAKES, Chengdu

Gather Wanhua's thoughts on the past

And the search for the future

This kind of thinking in Chengdu LUXELAKES

Evolve into a new cultural attribute

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So how will the light of the spectral staircase be

It runs through the entire office space

Signage should follow the conditions inherent in the building itself

Do only local optimization

From the perspective of architecture

Build a new space order in line with Wanhua's office needs

Elements of different tones and textures through material structure

Create a peaceful and relaxed space mood

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So we decided

Link the guide system to the spectral staircase

Each floor has its own color system

Based on previous analysis

Color matching results of each floor

Identify specific colors for public Spaces and functional areas

And design the project logo and icon content accordingly

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The base color corresponding to the floor

Will be attached to each floor sign

Enhanced signage exclusivity on each floor

The floor number identifies the surface

Use terrazzo texture

In a more subtle way

Give color to the middle and sides

A spatial block as a static language

Extend the boundaries inside the space

The hard texture of space

With a rainbow that penetrates the logo

In sharp contrast

In order to bring the user the most comfortable body feeling

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Natural light passes through a colored medium

Under the action of reflection and diffuse reflection

And the overall space presents a grayscale state

Form a strong visual contrast

Interwoven by the mirror principle

The layers of space jump from color to color

Add more diverse symbols to the office environment

Linear block color space

Thus stability and balance are achieved

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Flow of time

Just like the slow motion of the moon

We get a glimpse of it

This fleeting moment

Through these words outside

But there is no quantifiable existence

Conveys the ubiquity of time




建筑设计:5+ design,OfficeAT,四川省建筑设计院






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