The city has been moving forward, but life has drifted away. LVDU QINGYUN NARRATE abandons too many disturbances of the prosperous city, leaving modern people a clean, concise, and tender low-density space.

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The project is the new luxury cloud series of LVDU, occupying the core city of Huiji District. It is based on the rich ecological landscape of the North District. It has complete living facilities such as urban transportation, commerce, education, and government affairs. It is committed to modern oriental architectural texture, and The courtyard-style homecoming ceremony is a luxurious and suitable residential building for the backbone of the city.

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The project is located in an ecological environment provided by about 6 million trees, and about 64,000 acres of forest cover, surrounded by Gushu Garden, Jialu River, and Suoxu River. The two wings of the special train are planned to construct the Zhengzhou Railway Theme Park Belt, and enjoy the fresh oxygen life in Zhengzhou. . The “family, community, and school” trinity education ecosystem has gradually become a trend. In the future, there will be a million-square-meter park school around the project, which is surrounded by academies and scholars, which can better link with families and escort children's bright future.

The external architectural design of the project follows the large-scale design and site selection of Huiji core, creating an ecological Huiji New City five-life symbiosis. The architectural design aims to allow us to live a convenient life. The landscape of the project is designed with the concept of “clouds have all phenomena”, creating three landscape groups: “Neon Pleasure”, “Daily Tour”, “Chengfeng Appreciation Hall”, providing “life art”, “vigorous health” and “neighborhood communication” "Three living spaces. In the garden design, it pays attention to better integration with the plot of the community and the surrounding area, giving more sense of identity to life. All-aged event venues and city-level meeting rooms create diversified interactive spaces in the hustle and bustle of urban life. Ingenuity considers every detail in life, introduces the concept of "magic bus" that is in line with children's psychology, and brings unlimited surprises to children.

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The city has been moving forward, but life has drifted away. The project abandons too many disturbances of the prosperous city, leaving modern people a clean, concise, and tender low-density space. The sign design aims to continue the spiritual connotation of the project. Through inward folding, the use of brushed stainless steel plate and black paint effect material contrast, combined with the treatment of vertical detail lines, enhances the modern temperament of the sign.

The use of in-cut lamination on the side of the sign not only increases the richness of the sign, but also allows light and shadow to wander over the sign over time, making it full of spirituality.

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The design of the indoor sign also continues the style of the outdoor sign, using lines to convey the spirit of the project, combining three-dimensional characters to portray details, highlighting the purity of the space. At the beginning of the design, due to Party A’s persistence in quality and design, the architectural and landscape parts were adjusted accordingly, which resulted in changes in the sign scheme. The tortuous process is only for the perfect presentation of the project, but also for the transmission of Party A’s corporate spirit of excellence.

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Finally, the whole space adopts modern architecture, poetic landscape, and warm interior, which is an ideal residence that meets the aesthetics of modern living. LVDU QINGYUN NARRATE is like a shelter from the wind, travelers who have been waiting to return home...

项目名称: 绿都青云叙

项目业主: 绿都集团

景观设计: 朗道国际

标识设计:柏熙 --- 刘广梅,李亚欣,刘娇丽

标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增洁

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