Dance with flowers symphonic music

White magnolia fragrance gently touched the face

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Rain under the cloud clothes plain makeup light dyed like frost

Suddenly a smile fragrance permeates the empty

Dongguan at this time

The shadow of the floating lake is thick with autumn

Crowds of people are scrambling to find the view

The white magnolia lining the road

Like a fairy in a poem standing proudly

Dance to the melody of the wind

Like our desire for nature

Non-stop footsteps and heartbeats

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White magnolia Dongguan pride

Petals as white as snow always facing upwards

Like the forerunners of the way forward

Continuous sprint of youth

It has been loved and celebrated for a long time

Vanke 瑧 Wanhui

The home that grew out of the Wizard of Oz

Like magnolia and brand perfect combination

Speaks of love for nature

Looking forward to tomorrow

A break from busyness

The landscape with the family

Experience nature and feel the rhythm of life

The magnolia of purity and determination

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The brand identity is inspired by the growth of Magnolia

From the "first blooming" silence of the bud

To the flowers of the "red in the snow" brilliant

Then to the flower of the "wind dance" elegant

Until the flower of the "fragrant stay in the world" of sadness

Extract the beauty of magnolia

Innovative design strengthens brand image

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Magnolia as inspiration for the design language

Clean lines outline the petals

White is mainly set off the purity of magnolia

Gold details show the brand's dignity

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The wind rises

With the fragrance of magnolia

Invite a friend

Wandering the forest trails

Or walk in the park

Enjoy the gifts of nature

White magnolia fragrance gently touched the face

Take away the worry

Leaving only poetry and the heart of the distance

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