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"Shu embroidery", "folding fan" and "landscape"

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Chengdu merchants · times Park project is located on the axis of Tianfu Avenue, close to Tianfu park. The overall area covers four comprehensive business types: Commerce, apartment and office. The ecological green corridor in the region is the "green respiratory system" in the city. In the future, it will become a new center of Chengdu.

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When we first received the project of Chengdu merchants · times Park, the whole architecture and landscape design gave us a feeling different from other demonstration areas. As an urban reception hall with the nature of government, it not only has the local historical clues of Chengdu, but also has more vitality and vitality.

The landscape part uses a large number of fold line cascade design techniques to express a natural mark washed by the water, echoing the historical context of the Millennium ancient capital Chengdu due to the water. The architectural part absorbs the traditional culture of Chengdu and integrates the elements of folding fans in Sichuan and glass materials in the design. The collision between tradition and modernity makes us feel the tension and expressiveness of "integrated design".

In the design of the project logo, we hope to follow the concept of landscape and architecture, start from the historical context of Chengdu, and build a complete set of logo shape in line with the project temperament without departing from the overall tone of the project. Therefore, we consulted a lot of local historical materials in Chengdu and found that "Shu embroidery" can be consistent with "folding fan" and "landscape", and can run through the whole project.

Imagine turning the Shu Brocade woven by Shu embroidery into a ribbon, flying up and down against the wind. We captured the main shape of "different degrees of ribbon blowing" as the logo. The logo starts from the ground, extends to the vertical three-dimensional space, and returns to the ground through a turning point. It appears at different nodes of the project, just like the pulse beating at the project site, sometimes high and sometimes low, sometimes urgent and sometimes slow, explaining the different mood brought by different nodes.

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The sign guidance system of Chengdu merchants · times park is different from the traditional sign design ideas. Through the scattered feeling of signs with different volume in the whole site, it creates a young, lively and happy atmosphere.

The lines added on the side of the sign echo the elements of the architectural landscape. The halo dyeing of the side lights is used to increase the presentation effect of the sign at night.未命名 -2_P_15.JPG

We continue the idea of using modern materials to convey the concept of traditional culture in landscape architecture, and select the combination of fine flash silver and mirror steel in materials to give the logo more sense of technology and Modernity in color. In the actual landing control link, the designer and colleagues from the structure Department discussed and optimized the whole set of logo shape. Under the condition of ensuring the landing possibility, the logo guide was finally completed through 1:1 deliberation and calculation in the model more rationally and scientifically.

Let the sign guidance system start from the specificity and integrity of the project, and use the signs of different volumes to echo different nodes of the project, so as to convey different emotions. This is also our new attempt in the field of systematic design of logo guidance. In the future, we will continue to try more possibilities.

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