Leading the future with wisdom

Create an oxygen landscape facility with sunlight, air, water, green plants and mountains as an ecological environment.

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Qingpu, Shanghai West Unicom, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the future of Shanghai's dynamic commercial sub-center, five high-speed road network linked to the Yangtze River Delta. WOW CITY, a park-themed theme park, will be blooming in Dianshan Lake Avenue, and the West Shanghai Corridor on Line 17.

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The Yuelai City in Qingpu New Town is the second real estate project of Dongdu Group in Qingpu. It is a large-scale urban complex of Dongdu Group with a total construction area of approximately 450,000 square meters including residential, office, Loft, hotel, shopping center. The seven major product formats of apartments, parking lots and parking lots, and the top priority of WOW CITY as the Yuelai City project is 150,000 square meters, of which the operating area is 70,000 square meters and 3,000 parking spaces.

Leading the future life with wisdom, creating an oxygen landscape facility with sunlight, air, water, green plants and mountains as an ecological environment; creating a natural environment with different elements such as “mountain, forest, waterfall, river, lake” Sunlight, air, water, green plants and mountains are the oxygen landscape facilities of the ecological environment. At the same time, the architectural art and the emotions of consumers are combined to lead the new Qingpu people's future lifestyle park theater theme park with the concept of wisdom.

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Experience is the foundation of a basic high-quality life. Through this journey, experience guides our thinking about wisdom. The pleasant and memorable experience comes from what we see, feel, touch, hear, and how we participate.

People like to go to the mall not only for the shopping itself, but for the overall experience. The concept of an open-air mall is a unique shopping mall concept where guests can enjoy nature, space and activities. The surrounding environment of the project is conducive to people's emotions, and the carefully created space promotes positive emotions and enhances our experience in this space.

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Using color, texture, vision and hearing, we guide us through the rhythm of a perfect composition, which conforms to the rhythm of our lives.