Lakeside City of Art landscape sign ensemble

The white mountain has a thousand green water reflecting a thousand red

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One takes the mountain as its spirit

A city of perseverance

And it also shows

As warm as water and tolerant personality

It's not like a big river

Luxi Lake shimmering

Presents another kind of different style

The white mountain has a thousand green water reflecting a thousand red

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The water of Luxi Lake is free

Gentle ripples on the lake

A group of like-minded people

Here to live together and enjoy a return to the water

Feel the life of the lake dweller

Close the emotion between people and nature

Know your own state

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Project integrates the characteristics of Chongqing's three-dimensional city

Half landscape and half city life

Inspired by the forest on the ledge

Perfect integration of architectural landscape and topography

Creating a rhythmic rhythm

The architecture reflects that the mountain landscape contains water

The sign is like a patchwork of buildings between mountains and rivers

The high mountains stand still and the scenery stops

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The pure white color responds to the environment

Elegant modern texture

Derived from the texture and vein of Luxi Lake

The beauty of art is not only in the form

More refined and elegant between

It shows the style of the mountain city culture on the side of Luxi Lake

Living with water grows naturally

In these more free pluralism

Stylish and artistic waterfront space

Exploring the future of the ideal city together

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标识团队:张燕琴 朱明杰 康逸馨 刘鉴 徐玥 任诚 钟芷涵


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