Sign design aesthetics traceability Song

The mountains and rivers are far-reaching, the blue water flows east to this time

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Not just a dynasty in history

It's in the long river of art

A unique aesthetic symbol

Song Zhimei is clean

Coloring picture scroll

Showy but not vulgar, light but not plain

Inked calligraphy

Tolerant and introverted, profound flavor

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Known as the representative of Song style aesthetics

Chongqing Sunac Changle Ya Song

It also shows Song Zhifengya everywhere

Minimalist craftsmanship outlines a flexible space

Transform and integrate natural elements

Follow the concept of refined simplicity, elegance and charm

A guide system containing the classic beauty of the Song Dynasty

Melodious and calm

Satisfy the guidance function


Landscape painting represents the core part of Song Dynasty aesthetics

Light quality

Its influence runs through all aspects of the Song Dynasty

Therefore the design of the spiritual fortress

Extract the main axis of Changle Yasong Landscape

Three gradient landscape architecture

Incorporating the green landscape of the Song Dynasty

Supplemented by the performance approach from near to far

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Whether from the design style

Or content presentation

The logo continues the Song Dynasty elegance

You can understand its meaning at a glance

Feel the breath of Song style aesthetics

Sign fonts for indoor and outdoor

Inspired by "Wuying Temple Collection Collection"

Unified use of Song Ti script in Qing Dynasty

The font is thin and thick, and the end is decorated with serifs

The font is correct and strong

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The contact surface of three-dimensional characters

Or rough or smooth

Inscribed, three-dimensional carving with cone tip, side pick, inlay, etc.

Production and installation method

Material texture contrast space light and shadow relationship

Echoing the elegant and handsome style of the project

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Here you can feel

Bits and pieces infiltrated by Song culture

Chongqing Sunac Changle Ya Song

Depicting life in Eastern poetry

What is presented is not only Song style aesthetics

It's the evolution of traditional culture

The mountains and rivers are far-reaching, the blue water flows east to this time

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标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增洁


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