Time Traveler

The pearl scattered on the earth

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This urban oasis

It's like a microcosm of the universe

It's all meticulously connected

Formed a unique humanistic space and time

Like a pearl scattered on the earth

Shining with a unique light

Create a charming living environment

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LUXEZONE is located in the heart of Tianfu New District

Hall A and Hall B are divided into north and south

Each tells a different story

The North district is full of technology and futuristic feeling

Leading people on a journey into the unknown

The southern district exudes the charm of high-end light luxury

Let people immerse in the influence of culture

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Between the North and South

There is a mysterious corridor of time and space

It's like a link between the past and the future

Feel the echoes of history in your journey

And the future calls

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The rhythm and soul of the city

Sign design is a poetic representation of this blend

The concept of time-space tunnel is extracted

Use it as a carrier for the sign

The delicacy of Shu embroidery and the space-time tunnel complement each other

It presents a magnificent picture of the collision between humanity and science and technology

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In this symphony of commerce and culture

Every stroke is full of power and beauty

Every detail embodies ingenuity and emotion

It's not just a simple trademark or sign

It is also a kind of cultural inheritance and emotional connection

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Let people feel deeply

The perfect integration of business, nature, culture and technology

In the days to come

The sign will accompany LUXELAKES to grow together

Like bright stars

Witness the glory and development of the city together

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