City Aesthetics Art Mall

The swaying clouds in the sky seem to show you that the era of happiness and beauty has come.

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Located in the Zhengdong New District, the project is the first high-end art-themed shopping center in Central China developed and operated by Greenland Group. It has a seven-story exquisite art shopping space that gathers diversified formats such as specialty catering, leisure and entertainment, boutique retail, living facilities, and cultural creativity. The project digs deeply into consumer psychology and needs, restores the quiet and wonderful sounds of life in the form of art, and starts from the core of the humanistic concept to create an artistically iconic business-the Central Plains Landmark Vertical Art Museum, which aims to provide urban customers with a high-quality shopping experience and Self-satisfaction.

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With the advent of favorable policies such as the construction of national central cities and free trade zones, Zhengdong New District is gaining momentum, which also brings many opportunities for commercial development. The project is located in the Petronas Twin Towers. Through the forms of "commerce", "art", "aesthetics" and "landmarks", it perfectly demonstrates the ultimate life experience brought by future commercial development. There are many subway lines that have been opened and under construction around the project. Zhengzhou East Railway Station is a domestic "meter"-shaped hub with high overall accessibility.

For the city of Zhengzhou, the project itself has landmark significance. The Petronas Twin Towers received a high degree of attention at the beginning of its construction. In addition to being designed and built by Greenland in collaboration with the top international design team German gmp Architects, Foxconn Technology, Tianan Property Insurance, Wanda Group, Anta Sports and other companies A large number of elite business people will come, and it is estimated that 45,000 people will be stationed here in the future.

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With the improvement of knowledge level and the gradual change of consumption concept, people pay more and more attention to cultural experience in the consumption process. Different from the traditional shopping scene, the project uses artworks to enhance consumers' sensory experience in the shopping center. In the conceptual design of the sign, we need to break the pattern of "looked up" by conventional art. In order to overcome the aesthetic fatigue of shopping malls, the sign style must also be eclectic, that is, it is flexible and can be integrated into the overall scene of the project.

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"G-Sky" as its name implies "City in the Clouds". We extracted the cloud elements floating in the sky, instead of making the sign into the shape of a cloud, we wanted the sign to be as transparent and pure as a cloud. In order to express this characteristic of the cloud, in the choice of materials and craftsmanship, acrylic with good light transmittance and plasticity is combined with the embellishment of lights to create a visual experience of pure whiteness.

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Clouds often give people the feeling of different shapes and vanity. Therefore, the sign effect also needs to have a contrast between virtual and real and light and shadow. The transparent acrylic expresses the "virtual", that is, the place where there is "light"; on the contrary, the painted metal expresses the "real", that is, the "shadow". The combination of the two makes the sign more present on the whole. To be vivid and eclectic.

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The skyline of a city is often the most beautiful scenery in a city. Just like Hayao Miyazaki’s "Sky City" takes us to see another world out of the ordinary, in the area of Zhengzhou, a corner of the city, there is also a territory floating in the sky, waiting for you who are curious. The swaying clouds in the sky seem to show you that the era of happiness and beauty has arrived.





标识设计:柏熙标识 --- 石锐,王辰橹,王秋燕

标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增洁

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