Cross-border linkage between logo and food

Sign design may be a snooze dream afraid of waking people

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Water is white and pure is the source of life

All things need water, water can rejuvenate all things

Tianfu Chengdu since ancient times

Soaked by water culture

Is a building born of water

A city thriving by water

Because of the continued love of water

So it's booming

Chengdu Wanhua Luhu Tianfu Food Island

It's an island in the water

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Good water makes good wine

Therefore, Chishuihe's famous wine Ichiro

Beautiful beauty

Luhu Tianfu Food Island

Is a charming "beauty"

The lake shoreline stretches for kilometers

Sitting in the 4A-level scenic spot of Luhu Eco City

Make people fall in love at first sight

Wander around Luhu Tianfu Food Island

Can't help but think of

The history of the Three Kingdoms

Folk Customs in West Sichuan

The cultural heritage of Shuhan

Enjoy here

The reputation of the land of abundance of cuisines

Bringing together the different flavors of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou

Flowers bloom in spring 2020

Boxi has the fate to embrace Luhu·Tianfu Food Island

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Make a series of sign designs for the island

sign is art

It is also a manifestation of the connotation of urban civilization and regional culture

In design

We hope that Bashu has a profound cultural heritage

Into the sign

Expected sign is no longer just sign

They are more picture frames

Everywhere is a scene

Clear glass material

Combine deep and shallow gradients

This is a wonderful reflection of the water vapor in the lake

You look at the scenery on the food island

The people watching the scenery are also watching you

In order to make the sign and the environment more integrated

How we fix the glass

Made an innovation

Use a single piece of stainless steel

Fix two pieces of glass at an angle

Double side flooding at night

Create a watery effect

The master plan sign makes the whole glass empty

Use floodlight to increase the recognition of identification information

Life is more than poetry and distance

And the food and beauty of the island

We will shimmer the lake

Fixed on large-scale signs such as advertising light boxes

Combine the linear texture of the project VI

Hidden in the environment, melting each other

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In the processing of information

Song's font style carries the cultural attributes of the project

Each sign is named after a different street view

Highlight a sense of belonging to the scene

Consider the commercial nature of cultural tourism projects

sign layout information adopts reverse internal engraving

And on the basis of concave carving

Filled with white paint to meet the recognition of the guidance information

Make the overall sign more layered and modern

Sign design may be a

Dreams that make people sleepy and don’t want to wake up

If someone must wake up

At least the tip of my heart is still overflowing

Nostalgia for Food Island

When I miss you

I can see the blue sky as washing up

Floating light scattered around the feet

In the breeze blowing in the middle of the lake

The lingering fragrance of the twelve flavors







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