Going out is by the river & coming back full of books


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The project covers an area of about 1,000 mu. It is the first large-scale project of Yongwei Real Estate and aims to create a benchmark for quality living in southern Zhengzhou.未命名 -2.cdr_0003.JPG
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The landscape design sets main zones for the movement and space types of the whole garden, and gives different zones corresponding themes to coordinate the rhythm of the landscape and create a rich spatial experience between the transition and the transition. The overall landscape system is a structure of "one ring, two gardens, three gardens, and four axes", in which various partition spaces are connected in series through the landscape axis to form an organic overall structural system.

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The biggest highlight of the landscape part: the outdoor gallery pavilion not only provides a place for community residents to relax and communicate outdoors, but also meets the activities of people of all ages. Combined with the open outdoor lawn space, it becomes a multi-functional scene of parent-child recreation, children's interaction, and neighborhood exchanges, breaking the garden's traditional focus on ornamental, adding more interest to life.

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The architectural design is mainly based on the dry hanging of stone, with the vertical metal fence, the overall look and feel gives the atmosphere and elegant charm. In addition to the lobby-style community entrance form, the project has created an interesting world in the external plaza. Through the natural combination of strips and water features, together with elements such as gravel, ground cover and green plants, a group of elegant home scrolls are formed. It perfectly displays the poetic and artistic expression of "outside the riverside language, into the inscription garden".

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On the peaceful stretch of the Shili River, a garden of soul is opened for life. Shuxiangting uses large and small pavilions to divide the landscape space and create different viewing spaces with different scales. People rest in the pavilion and talk about ancient and modern or talk about heaven and earth. It seems that every storage space is exuding the literary fragrance of scholars. . The sign design is based on this starting point, so that it can be fully integrated into the overall mood of the project.

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The sign was not smooth at the beginning of the design and also experienced many setbacks. From the beginning, I hope to use metaphor to express "knowledge and book fragrance"; to the final plan, I will choose a simple and straightforward method, through the use of craft materials and typesetting to highlight the book fragrance, making the sign design more suitable for the project's artistic conception.

Let's close our eyes and imagine: people bathed in the morning light, in the pavilion, leisurely open a book, calm down to feel the current comfortable life; the gap between the rest, the breeze gently stroked the pages, It happens to reflect the sentence "Qingfeng is illiterate, why turn the book chaotically". The core of the concept of sign design is to capture this poetic scene, integrate the language of the sign into it, and render the project's book atmosphere with a static picture.

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The overall sign is dark gray with a touch of texture, coupled with a matte texture and a strong cultural atmosphere that echoes the concept of "open book". The sign information part uses golden paint, which means "the gold house in the book" meaning. People walk through the park, and the landscape, architecture, and sign are integrated into one. Everywhere you can feel the inseparable cultural atmosphere, which makes people involuntarily slow down, enjoy the present, and enjoy life.

Rippling on the riverside, Shuxiangting is like an open ripple. It integrates natural tolerance and cultural nourishment into the residential environment of the human settlement. It moves to a different scene, and the simple language outlines the mellow and tranquil riverside ecological home. Here, you don't need too many design traces, more is the most comfortable and intimate experience.






标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增杰

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