The realm of the sky is as beautiful as clouds

Blooming new brilliance in the vast world

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The project is located in Guanyinqiao Jiangbei District, Chongqing

It is a commercial, commercial and residential, financial, cultural center and transportation hub

It is synonymous with "urban prosperity, core business district, trendy life"

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The boldness of the project

Lies in the complexity and diversity of the overall plan

Designed to build an efficient and convenient life model

Start from the details

The greening system fits the actual situation of the project

At each node in the project line

Enrich the actual experience with "interesting scenes"

Redefine the origin of life

Landscape design is based on urban renewal

Chongqing, a city where everyone yearns for life

Need to have its own symbol

By the artist's feelings

To convey the yearning for life

Arouse the emotional resonance of the Sky City

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Mention the sky

The clouds in the sky appeared in front of you

Cloud symbolizes tolerance

This is an attitude of freedom and change

It's also the mood in the essence of this land

Clouds give people a free and arbitrary posture

At the same time, it also has a vague and graceful feeling

Landscape design with "cloud" as the theme

Advocate people to be like "clouds"

To experience the emerging vitality in the city

Feel the present freely

enjoy life

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In our memory we often look up at the sky

All over the sky

So pure and flawless

Is so clear and transparent

This is our heart

Longing for life in the cloud

As a logo guide designer

We want to live on the cloud

Cozy and natural

No city hustle and bustle

No industrial complexity

Shuttle in the world of signs

Only crystal clear glass

Can only become a pure carrier

With graceful curves

Interpreting the sign aesthetics belonging to the Sky City

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Simplify the sign in design

In order to better integrate into the environment

To emphasize the hazy feeling of "cloud" itself

Pure white to transparent glass laminated gradation process

Create a visual effect of transpiration

The transmission of information is not limited to the aesthetics of the sign

Ingeniously combine guiding information on the glass

Like a decoration floating above the clouds

Can highlight information content

And retain their hierarchical relationship

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Life in the Sky City is free and arbitrary

Just like the clouds in the sky

Surging and changing

In the vast world

Let life bloom with new brilliance

项目名称:重庆万科 · 天空之城



标识摄影:云岫 --- 朱胡兵,韩小凯,蒋增洁

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