Beyond the symbol to do RUI through

Unlock the nation's own luxury symbol

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Gucci's striped charm

Green red green Gucci brand

Double G interwoven luxurious light

Chanel's fashion legend

Coco's double C locks in timeless charm

Versace's Medusa seduction

Medusa Eye a deadly symbol of beauty and luxury

Classic Burberry style

The weaving of British style history and modernity

These symbols not only mark

It is the convergence of the brand's soul culture and art

Telling the past and the future on the fashion stage

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In this ancient city of Guangzhou

The story of a thousand years flows slowly between the stones and bricks

Like a delicate picture that has been baptized by age

It gradually reveals its unique symbols

Quietly tell a hidden peach garden hidden behind the prosperity

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A pearl in the heart of the city

Classical and modern aesthetics converge here

Like a bridge across time and space

Connecting the hustle and quiet of the two banks

This place

Every corner of the design is a tribute to Oriental aesthetics

Stepping into its door is the long river of history

The avenue leads into the distance and is also a tunnel of history

Let people feel the depth of time between calm and solemn

Under construction

Every piece of wood and every stone shows exquisite craftsmanship

The scale-like curtain wall glows in the sun

Like the glass refracted by time

The word "Rui" on the wall is not only decorative

It's the whisper of history

Wish for a better life

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Brand design by ORIENTAL MANSION

Every detail contains a rich cultural heritage

The essence of ancient rites and costumes

New life in the hands of modern designers

Become a symbol of dignity and taste

Deep in the courtyard

The Oriental symbol "Rui" can be seen everywhere

Decorating this pure land is also a comfort to the soul

Walk through every step, every scene

Are deep yearning for life

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The design cleverly combines ancient and modern wisdom and art

The hammer pattern of the lotus in copper plates shows excellence in craftsmanship

It is also a testimony of cultural heritage

These carefully crafted elements bring every corner to life

Make the whole space like a vivid picture

Let people feel the calmness and inner peace between appreciation

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Every detail is a condensation of emotion and thinking

Every look back is a profound tribute to traditional aesthetics

ORIENTAL MANSION is more than a place to live

It is the home of the story that touches the heart of the space

So that every resident can feel the art and depth of life

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This is the habitat of the soul

The interweaving of light and shadow does not only pave the landscape

It is also a comfort to the soul

In this space

Every moment is a beautiful hymn to life

Every detail tells the spirit and charm of the East










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