Graceful posture, the melody of the earth。

Let the artistic function grow and flourish with the rhythm of natural texture.

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It is located in Jinan, known as the spring city

Its architectural landscape sculpture

The three are naturally interspersed

Combined with their respective functional scenarios

Give the project dynamic vitality

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From the park in the city

To the city in the park

Melodious undulating lines

Is an endless stream of vitality

Take root here

Relationship between life and city

Become more free and friendly

Overall environment of the project

Give people a strong audio-visual enjoyment

Smart spring

A flowing stream

Falling water curtain

Compose a beautiful and ethereal movement

We want sign guidance

Natural and characteristic

Combining the concept of landscape "earth art"

Natural texture

Abstracted into a white ribbon

In layers of progression

Spread the climax of sight to the building

Extend landscape elements to signs

Mottled earth texture

From the perspective of light, shadow and art

Unfold slowly

It looks like on the ground

Growing Art

Embellishment of local details

It's a playful number

Orange, yellow and blue

It's a lively color

Fresh, transparent and interesting

Add a touch of children's rhyme to the whole space

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Artistic signage system

Integrated into the environment

Jump out of the environment again

Create a living atmosphere of natural ecological art

Let the artistic function of logo

Grow and flourish with the rhythm of natural texture

The suspense left inadvertently

People can't help exploring

Just like the logo itself

There are many possibilities for unbounded extension

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