A beautiful picture on the side of the lake

Half the city mountains and half the city lake

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In the past two years

Huizhou seems to have entered the era of the explosion of luxury homes

The system of these luxury homes is highly similar

Uniform appearance of garden large apartment

Although this model is not wrong

But for the well-informed peakers

It is hard to impress them with such homogenised mansions

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Zhonghai Longhu SAGE MANSION

Abandoned the function of the traditional sales department

It's a great place to be alone

You can meet people and socialize

More interaction with family

For the living room of the future

Full of human touch and fireworks

The facade of the project is bold and avant-garde

Look closely at the corner of the balcony

All are processed by arc

Makes the whole more moist and delicate

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Half the city mountains and half the city lake

Large area of glass curtain wall

Blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior

Just like the cloud in Zhang Jiju's poem

The best is in the pen and the best is in the pen

The space of SAGE MANSION carries the artistic life

As bright and dazzling as couture jewelry

And the logo design reflects

Is a kind of mature

Timeless classic charm

A building has its own voice

Space is quiet and easy

A sign without a word has its own character

He continued the arc of the facade

Dialogue architecture and landscape

Opens up the perception of beauty

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When calm and restrained black panel

Crowning a vintage line

It's an overlay of a peaceful time

It's not that new and shiny

Even a little bit of history

But when he takes his time

When it gives off a flavor that has been settled over time

Is the beginning of all fashion

Natural wild luxurious material collision medieval simplicity

The nature of relaxation is stimulated

Formed its own unique circle imprint

A gentleman forgets the custom

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In a way

Sign design mission

The achievement is not only the logo itself

But also to fulfill the owner

A conversation that resonates with the heart

Don't pander to

It's easy to be spontaneous

Stand in the city

You can tell the difference at a glance

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