Design of sign Guidance System

As a kind of information carrier, the sign is embellished in the architectural landscape. How to echo the concept of "seeing mountains" conveyed by architecture and landscape?

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The design and display of the landscape structure experience area of the project site is divided into six parts: visual interest in the front field: one door, two waterfalls, three days, four mountains, five skylight clouds, six life; backyard triple three-dimensional park Participation: One is the “Energetic Riverside Charm Riverside”, the second is “Luohuo Full Age Enjoyment Garden”, and the triple is “Aerial Pavilion Romance”.

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未命名 -2_0003.JPG For Chongqing, “mountain city” is the immortal feature of the city. The whole city is surrounded by mountains and lush, and the “two rivers” that rush between the mountains are the city’s business cards. As the saying goes, "It’s built near the water, built on the mountain." For the Chongqing people who are wet by the two rivers, the real infiltration into the urban texture and imprinted in the mind of the mind is still the characteristic waterfront: Nanbinjiang Road .
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It is the special terrain of Chongqing that has attracted countless scholars and literati. Qianjiang Lingyun is located in Banan District, Chongqing City. The buildings are layered on one floor and the overall landscape culture and art of Chongqing is displayed. As a kind of information carrier, the sign is dotted in the architectural landscape. How to echo the concept of “seeing the mountain” conveyed by architecture and landscape?

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Based on the unique geographical location of the project, we will identify the gravel that falls from the mountain and distribute it in different directions to guide the pedestrian traffic. This also echoes the concept of “seeing the mountains” mentioned in the architecture and landscape.

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Through the interpretation of the shape of the gravel, the shape of the sign is positioned as a different line, irregular, and the volume is short and solid, conveying the thick feeling of the stone, and the three-dimensional characters made by the wall in some areas are specially designed for the arrow. Designed to reflect the contours of the gravel.

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