One person, one mountain, one city, one world

Based on the idea of mountain people blending, the construction is built according to the plot and the group temperament.

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The protect is located in the core of Chongqing's main city, 4300 acres in the hinterland of the mother mountain forest park, sitting on the city's glory and expectations. As a long-term work of Longfor Real Estate for 24 years, on the basis of inheriting the "non-legacy spirit", the artist has created an art building group representing the world of dialogue in Chongqing. The project is based on the concept of blending people with mountains and people, and builds products based on the temperament of the land and the customers. The planned area of the project is about 430 mu, and the floor area ratio of the villa group is 0.42. Surrounded by the Zhaoshan Forest Park, it is a rare project that occupies the primary forest resources in the core area of the city. It is a rare low-density ecological high-end residential area in the core area of Chongqing. The project format mainly covers the semi-mountain single-family and the forest Daping.

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When designing the environmental label of the project, we did a lot of analysis to familiarize with the market positioning, human environment and future planning of the project. An important reason why we were attracted by the project was that the visual experience and natural ideas that he presented could be called It is one of the few mountaintop luxury projects. Loved by the mountains and forests, the home and nature blended ingeniously. Surrounded by mountains and mountains.

We present one of the most intuitive feelings of “mountain and scenery” in the sign. The mountain is magnificent, and it swallows the sky. The design of the spiritual fortress does not modify the blend of this mountain and the landscape on the paper, and the three levels of "clouds and haze, the mountains, the unity of heaven and man" are conveyed. At the bottom of the spiritual fortress decorative panel, the modern drapes are used to express the ups and downs of the mountains. A series of relationships between imaginary and real, bright and dark, far and near, through the shape, can be seen at a glance. In color, it also echoes the natural elements - black and white ash, combined with metal texture, highlighting the quality in nature.

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One person, one mountain, one city, one world. LONGFOR SHUNSHAN MANSION, as a gentle collection of the era, is hidden in the mountains, beautiful and not tainted by the world, and the acquaintance of the city, the sigh of the wind, perhaps just a moment. The buildings that grow in the mountains will surely become the art of the mountains.

The first mountain gate is like a flying rainbow, and the momentum is dazed. The spiritual fortress continues this feeling. It rises up and rushes to the sky, as if it contains infinite energy. The overall material is made of mirrored windshield material, blowing in the wind, and the pieces flickering, as if it is a dialogue with nature. The logo at the entrance also deliberately designed the mountain type to meet the connotation of the project: the Lushan Mansion that grew up from the mountain. Along the mountain road, the roadside scenery continues, layer by layer. The vehicle guideline sign continues the architectural design concept: “City Beat”. Naturally, we design the minute and second hands of the sign as a clock, and follow the sleek and modern architectural appearance style.

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The time circulates, the wind chimes dance, the residual sound is around the beam, the light is broken, and the yellow halo is invisible, depicting a perfect streamer curve. In it, every cell enjoys the nourishment of time, and everything is a gift from nature, and it is an unparalleled presentation.