One step of prosperity does not stop at the mountain

Return to nature, people love mountain

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Legend has it on the top of Yellow Flag Mountain

There is a thousand years old FIG tree

It is often inhabited by fire insects

It looks like a lantern at night

And pass the flag peak often purple glow

Make Dongguan a hundred years of good weather

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The project is located at the foot of Huangqi Mountain in Dongguan

The project focuses on shaping Huangqi South

The spatial pattern of "One belt, one axis and one link"

Landscape design heritage

Home is to return to heart is to return to the mountain

Emphasize the return of nature

From the city back to the park

It is also like returning from the city to nature

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In the overall landscape design

Using natural elements like trees, hedges, water

Enclose the space with a sense of scale

Present an elegant atmosphere of texture

Lantern elements in the interior

It is the spiritual symbol of Yellow Flag Mountain

Integrate cultural inheritance and nature into one

Signs are like continuation of emotion

It is the sublimation of the spirit

Carrying Dongguan people to Huangqi Mountain

Unique emotional sustenance

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The Hidden One of old

Forget about the market

Reconciled to the mountains

Extract lantern elements through clever abstractions

Design language with natural landscape interiors

Maintain harmony and unity

Combine the element symbol unique to the ZHEN series

Make the sign invisible and undeclared

Just like the calm character of Huangqi Mountain itself

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In the details

The main color of the sign is champagne silver

Combined with bronzing material

The use of three-dimensional engraving three-dimensional characters

Enhanced sense of quality and refinement

So that the sign not only conveys the trend and fashion of young people

Reflect the core area to abandon the flashy elegant style

Delineate the purity of nature

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The natural mountain range of Huangqi Mountain

It's always been the hustle and bustle of the city

The rarest oasis

Yellow flag ridge top hanging lanterns

Because of this peaceful place

Thousands of years of Guan Yi can be read up to now

Halfway up the mountain and halfway down the city is bustling

Every time I turn around, I see the mist

Looking back at the flow of eyes misty

Every breeze is immersed in the verdant

Return to the nature of love mountain

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