The ancient capital of Yan dance for the present

The gestures of different swallows depict everything at all times

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The one in Xi 'an

An ancient capital full of historical charm

3,000,100 years of history

Witnessed the rise and fall of countless dynasties

In this land

Every rise and fall

Were passed down without reservation

Dynasty replacement ritual culture

Silently changing in this place

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Sign design in order of ceremony

Combined with the local long history and culture

While feeling humanity

Extend the interesting experience of humanistic rites

The identity elements are derived from

Representative artifacts of each dynasty

Reinterpreting ancient rhymes in a modern way

Show a different kind of charm

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In the sign design

Incorporate the super symbol "order"

Emphasize the connotation of "order"

Echo the concept of unified landscape architecture hardcover

Between the sign and the site

Through the "order" to complement each other

And people through "order"

To understand the spirit of the project

And get attracted to the project

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The swallow element of the brand sign

Take it in flight

It shows the charm of all things changing

Corresponds to different identifier nodes

The posture of different swallows

To depict everything

A state of constant change

Identify the details of the signage

It emphasizes the sense of history and quality

Get rid of practices that highlight time deposits more

The art of carving a hollow backing

A perfect blend of history and modernity

Finally presents a different kind of beauty of the past for the present

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In the overture to the ancient capital of Xi 'an

sign design is like a beautiful landscape

A perfect blend of history and modernity

With the attitude of flying to show the charm of all things change

The identifiers correspond in different scenarios

Different swallow stances

Landscape architecture hardcover and signage

Like notes in a movement

Together to write a magnificent chapter of the project

The thick history and the pursuit of quality

In this land turned into a beautiful picture

Let people yearn to linger

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Each place identifies details

It's all about respecting history

And a yearning for the future

They can be a symbol

It can also be a kind of cultural continuation

A thousand years fly by

In the overture to the ancient capital of Xi 'an

The sign shines with a unique charm

Bring people poetic touch and reverie

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建筑设计:汇张思建筑设计事务所 (上海)





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