Through the light years the Trisoman

If today we do not live in the future, then the future we will live in the past

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At some point in the future

When humans have mastered the technology to travel light years

The universe became the new frontier

Waiting for us to explore and discover

A group of designers curious about the universe

In an experiment

Accidentally triggered a warping of space-time

It took us through

A faraway republic


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Hidden at the end of time

Shining like a faraway republic

It's like a beautiful picture

Spread quietly before our eyes

Every stroke, every stroke

Are full of life in the future

Longing and desire

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The project quietly started in May 2022

It carries people

Infinite longing for a better and harmonious life


The laughter of children

Reverberate around every corner

People live in peace with nature

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Everything is alive

To bring this land of dreams

Connect with our world

People created a unique sign

A symbol of the future of fishing

The sign is not just a simple graphic

It's the beginning of a story

It is a bridge for the soul to return to nature

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The sign is fantastic

It blends in perfectly with its surroundings

When needed

It's in the most gentle way

In front of us

It's not just a beacon

It's more of a story telling partner

Through the ten sights of WAVE CITY scattered everywhere

Telling one moving story after another

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And those are hidden in

A little hint between the grass and the trees

It's like a flower stretching gently

Add a touch of warm color to this land

This trip is unlike any other

It has no fixed route

There is no strict logic

It is the truest exploration of the heart

It is a profound reflection on the meaning of life

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WAVE CITY is not just a place

It is the ideal country in everyone's heart

It gave birth to the present happiness

Memories of the past

And boundless hope for the future

It invites us

To explore, to experience, to feel

For this land and for the universe

Add more color and vibrancy

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Let's join hands

Like a star traveler

With curiosity about the unknown

And the love of life to move on

On this journey

It's not just about exploring the universe

Also in the depths of the heart

Looking for a fishing future that belongs to everyone

No matter how time and space change

Its meaning and value last forever






建筑设计:上海柏涛,David Chipperfield Architects Shanghai,曼景建筑,玑禾建筑,浙江利恩,浙江工业院



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