Zheng Dong Longzi Lake Heart · Vertical Ecology Commercial Body

Eclectic, breaking the routine, with a light shape, graceful curves for architectural style, imaginative space, breaking the traditional architectural pattern.

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TAG MALL is a commercial part of an out-of-office project with an area of 30,000 square meters. It occupies the planning of shopping malls from the 1st to 6th floors. It focuses on the emotional appeal of consumers with art, ecology and experience, creating a space close to nature and jumping out of the traditional pattern. The essence of exploring the future business is to forget about business and think about our relationship with consumers. TAG MALL, no longer focuses on the function of business, but explores and discovers the point of convergence with consumer emotions.

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Longzi Lake is unique to Zhengdong New District, both in terms of functional positioning and facilities environment, while Huxin Island is the absolute core position of the Longzi Lake area. In today's Huxin Island, a variety of office buildings stand next to each other, and a new financial business group has been formed. On the periphery of these buildings, there is a “LIAN”-style building – the out-of-office TAG MALL contrasts sharply with the surrounding buildings.

What is going on outside the TAG MALL is to “jump out the traditional grid and explore the future.” The architectural space is thecarrier of business, and the commercial innovation must start from the building. Nowadays, most office buildings and shopping malls are "square". In addition, the frontier is open to the open lake and backed by the municipal park. It has a unique ecological environment. Based on various factors, the designers outside the office “Lake in the Lake” is an inspirational element, which makes the surrounding buildings play a role in setting off and lining up.

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"Breaking out, coming for the peak." The project takes the concept of “outstanding, transforming, breaking, and unique” as the starting point of design. On the basis of the lotus element, the icon and derivative design of the petals and flower buds are designed, and the creative icons are designed and applied to the sign. In line with this project, the concept of ecology, environmental protection, eclecticism and innovation will make the project sublimate.

However, as a commercial project, the “extraordinary” of the extra-existing TAG MALL is not limited to these...

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