It's time to "Wangjing"

On the way of urban renewal, this is the beginning

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There is a place in Beijing called Wangjing

Is a place with well-developed traffic

It has a complete life circle

Many foreigners choose to settle here

People who work and live there

No need to leave this circle

It meets all the needs in life

As the city’s positioning and surrounding environment change

Wangjing looks increasingly old

Wangjing Street with nearly a hundred shops

Because of the serious misalignment between the commercial level and actual needs

And the resulting problems are becoming increasingly prominent

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I used to enjoy the delicious food here in the afternoon

I don't know when it became a memory

It can no longer meet the current urban needs

August 8, 2020

The renovation lasted about 5 months

Beijing Wangjing Street returns to people's embrace

Gorgeous transformation and upgrading of old neighborhoods

Opened a new chapter in the development of the entire area

For the transformation and promotion of other blocks

Even urban renewal provides a classic example

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Wangjing has a big advantage

Located on the fringe of Beijing's urban area, it can undertake urban resources

Foreign companies like this location the most

The transformed Wangjing Street is an international commercial street

It is also the bearer of technology and art

Leading Wangjing to become a new landmark of culture and art

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Vanke Times Center where Wangjing Street is located

It is a modernist style building advocated by Bauhaus

With the simplest lines, color blocks and light and shade

To show the beauty of reason and order

In the spatial layout and operation scenarios of the sign guide

We borrowed the style of the German-style commercial street

Incorporate pragmatic style into the sign and scene

The best life experience for people who come here

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The sign is inspired by the work of the Dutch painter Mondrian

His abstract works interpret simplified and rational thinking

Has a profound impact on the modernism advocated by the Bauhaus

Laid out future generations with simple geometric forms and orderly shapes

An important beginning for the foundation of modern architecture

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Follow the aestheticism of the two masters

Put functionality, system, and logic first

We simplified the shape of the sign

Extract colors and lines in project elements

Extend to sign design

Make the picture present a brisk rhythm

Sign icons use dark red

Contrast with dark gray background

Echo the lively atmosphere of the commercial district with visual conflict

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Smooth lines are the epitome of passing pedestrians

Bright colors match the passion of life

From Shanghai·Shangsheng Heart Institute to Beijing·Tech Times Center

From Shenyang·Hongmei Cultural and Creative Park to Harbin·Xiangfang

On this runway of urban renewal

Vanke has already drifted away

Wangjing is just one of them

And there will be countless

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