Choose a place to describe poetry and the distance

I want to take you through the city of Chongqing, looking for a place where we can whisper "Xiaoyuan"...

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In the valley and the lush forest garden

Yinxixiaoyuan is named after the courtyard

Reshaping life's calm will

Let occupants

The tranquility and freedom of the mountain forest

Also for the city

Depict a new picture of human settlements

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Connected to the three-dimensional transportation system of Central Park

Getting around the city becomes more convenient

Three surrounding ecological parks are under construction

Concentrate high-quality educational resources within 3 kilometers

Create a scholarly and cultural atmosphere

Life starts to shine from here

I want to take you

Through the city of Chongqing

Find a place we can

The whispering "Xiaoyuan"

Decorate life in Taoyuan with "Three Wins and Five Realms"

Build a world in a complex city

Just to create the elegant mood of the mountains and forests

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Beautiful natural garden landscape

It is a blend of situation and artistic conception

Take us from the hustle and bustle of the city to the paradise

Design remakes our world

Give feelings to the architectural courtyard

The elegant waterscape highlights the implicit and introverted oriental beauty

The trickle stream adds agile music to life

Landscapes embellish the artistic beauty of daily life

Through the bright and winding courtyard landscape

Admission to the hospital corridor to interpret the poetic and Zen mood with winding paths

Give time to leisure and fun

You must have never felt the morning breeze of fog in the morning

I must have never heard of the spring sound beside the stone steps

Open the door of "Xiaoyuan"

These common and uncommon

Have become ordinary

In the valley

Within the verdant forest

Life flows slowly and freely

it's here

Hardly see the logo in the traditional sense

It is hidden in the environment

Not easy to detect but clearly visible

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You can see

It is the collision between the texture of stone and modern stainless steel

It is the pulsation of light and shadow of the sign

It is also the spiritual core of "Xiaofeng" and "Yinxi"

White paint and stone texture complement each other and blend

Form a simple and natural logo temperament

It is also an expression of the spiritual fortress of the project

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A scene

Just a story

Hanging Stone, Linxi, Yingshui, Tibetan Pavilion, Returning to the Garden

The temperament of the entire space

Condensed into the name of each landscape

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The interior signs are as minimalist as possible

Only a slight arc

It becomes like a stream

Space graphic design

Express the temperament of the entire project

It's a quiet place in the bustling city

It is also a natural and comfortable habitat

Life from the hustle and bustle of the city to return to the basics

Without poetry and distant

Also poetic

Wind break


Time to go home






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