The flowing light the eternal shadow

The shadow of the tree complements the sign

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TALENT CITY · ONE PARK is located in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Facing the Jalu River and backing the Mother River

Based on North Longzi Lake Lake double Hubei shore

It has the ecological environment of three rivers

And five gardens and two wetlands

With flowing natural light and shadow

Construct an ideal life situation

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The landscape is deep and profound

The concept of "unbounded" is introduced

Through nature unbounded space unbounded

Convey the sense of flow of space

Create a natural environment of physical and mental pleasure for people

Open the rolling door

The atmosphere of comfort and luxury immediately hit the face

Progressive view of the landscape

The meticulous details contrast with the sheer volume of the space

Breaking the limits of space

Full of rich holiday atmosphere and artistic enjoyment

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The beginning of landscape design

Take full account of the natural conditions of Zhengzhou

The water feature is perfectly designed

It not only reflects the location of the project

Also let dynamic water flow

Into an art installation of the earth

Create a grand and integrated visual tension

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The sign design is based on the project area location

While continuing the concept of landscape

Use moving water as a starting point

The concept of "The source of life, more than the lake

the ideal city, pure as before"

Incorporate the form of water into the sign

Make the local characteristic landscape visual identity visual

It's a perfect unity

Let people feel the project brings

Comfortable freedom and artistic beauty

Identify the shape of the overall wave board

In the natural light

Like the flow of water

Roam in every corner of space

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The intersection of light and shadow with the trees

Projected on the gallery through the grille

There's a seat in the pavilion

The atmosphere of afforestation and life

Flowers and leaves wood and stone

The intersection of nature and poetry

Walk in the garden corridor

The brook is gurgling like a picture

Bring peace and beauty

The lush greens reflect the sun

The shadow of the tree complements the sign

Make a pleasant picture

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When the sign is integrated into the space

To appreciate it

The beauty of life the beauty of nature the beauty of art

From hearing, sight and touch

Feel the magnificent nature and the ethereal art

There is no need to feel the disturbance of the world

Because of the minimalist design

Will give the space more peace and comfort

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