Poetry everywhere

Why is the state of landscape? The world and hometown are here.

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In the core area of Fuzhou

There is an area of about 2500 mu

Natural forest

Like a miniature Fuzhou city landscape

Like Central Park in New York

here is

China National Geographic

Hand-picked beautiful place

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Sunshine City·Xiangyu Dengyun Lake

Taken from nature and used in nature

Where people can

Listen to natural music

Admire the sunrise on the lake

Enjoy a comfortable life

City and nature

Art and ecology

This is a new type of human settlement

In the arbitrary switching between prosperity and nature

People can explore the life scale

Looking for another way of life

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Rocks are the measure of time

The vegetation is telling the rise and fall of the four seasons

Continuation of the spiritual core of the project's wild interest

Use minimalist concepts to subtract design

Use weathering steel, solid wood, etc.

Natural material

Maximize the native nature of the scene

Continuing the meaning of Dengyun

The spiritual fortress is built visually

Level up

The effect of consecutive steps

Interaction between different materials

Let the night glow show the perfect effect

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A park full of childishness

Naturally needs a childlike imagination

Installation art for the project

Combine illustration and logo

Design exclusive project icons

Make the presentation of the logo plane richer

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Yunhu Ecological Art Museum

It is an urban living room with 5 floors of diverse spaces

Here is also a

Rich nature museum

Indoor signage becomes simple

To enhance the simple and modern temperament of the project

Let the logo be the decoration of the building

Create a natural residence in the city

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Dengyun Lake is just like one

A growing city

In the city and nature

Coexistence of modernity and tradition

Why the landscape

The world and hometown are here

项目名称:福州阳光城·象屿 登云湖








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