Looking up at the stars is the distance I can keep with the world

Looking up at the stars is the distance I can keep with the world……

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Vanke 17 MILES is located in Caijia Colorful Riverside Park. The project covers high-rise, large flat and villa products. The project covers an area of 212,044 square meters and the construction area is 296,297 square meters.

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Reinvented the scene experience of the sales office. Advocating aesthetics to return life to the true, and insist on starting from the customer experience and experience. Based on the aesthetic ideas of the new generation of consumer groups, and their consumption concept of “maverick, experience first”, the design introduces the fashion concept of the buyer's shop and CLUB, keenly captures the innovative form of contemporary art, and regional culture, crafts and materials. The elements, etc. are transformed into unique visual language, and the sense of quality and aesthetics of the space becomes more perceptible, giving people a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

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At 17 MILES, we emphasize not only the return of art to life, but also the collision of design and life practice. Through design and dialogue with young people who are willing to explore and avant-garde, this scene is actually a deep depiction of their inner feelings. And abstract performance.

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Looking up at the stars is the distance I can keep from this world. For everyone who is busy on the battlefield of destiny, the rare moment may be something that touches the heart of his heart, when the mood and thoughts are clouded. Try to get rid of the dust that has been condensed by time, let your childhood memories, and climb the vines of memory.

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Numerous midsummer nights, under the dreamy starry sky, look at the South, staring at your great dreams. There is such a moment, the dust that shakes off, and the dark blue, the state of mind is clear. Looking up at the stars, is the distance I can keep from this world...

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